Senate Advisory Committee on Budget and Planning

{Note: The Senate Advisory Committee on Budget and Planning has become the Senate Advisory Committee on Strategic Planning as of April 2020}

The Senate Advisory Committee on Budget and Planning may establish its own rules which shall provide that individual faculty members are entitle to submit information to the Committee, that no Committee member is permitted to participate in discussions or to vote on matters directly affecting the member’s own college or area, and that Committee members will hold in strict confidence all budget information which the Committee receives on a confidential basis from the University President or other administrative officers of the University.

The Committee should respond to directions from the Senate, while retaining the freedom to set its own agenda. The Committee’s principal role is one of consultation with the University administration, and of presenting and arguing for the views and interests of the whole faculty in the administration’s long-range academic and budgetary planning. The Committee should strive to persuade the administration to make critical budgetary and academic policy decisions in as open and public a way as possible.

The Committee shall perform the functions assigned to it by applicable provisions of Policy 6-313 (Terminations and Program Discontinuance–Declaration of Financial Exigency).

Governing Document: University Policy 6-002: The Academic Senate

Powers and Duties

  • Provide forum for individual faculty to submit information on budget and planning
  • Consult with the University administration on developing a transparent academic and budgetary planning process
  • Represent views and interests of all faculty

The Academic Senate elects eight tenure-line or career-line faculty members.

Meets three-four times per year.

Current Membership

Annual Reports

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