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Senate Advisory Committee on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Senate Advisory Committee on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Committee Description

The Senate Advisory Committee on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion shall provide leadership and expertise to the University community in promoting diversity in their various roles and activities and serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas within the University. The Committee should respond to directions from the Academic Senate, while retaining the freedom to set its own agenda. The Committee’s principal role is to identify issues, projects, and proposals that would further a positive climate of diversity on the University campus, would enhance relations with diverse elements in the community, and would promote appreciation of diversity in the wider community. The Committee’s roles includes forwarding information and recommendations to the Academic Senate. The Committee will submit an annual report to the Academic Senate of its activities.


The membership of the Committee with full voting rights consists of eighteen persons. The Academic Senate elects 12 tenure-line and career-line faculty members. ASUU selects three students. Three shall be staff members serving three year terms (approved by the Senate Executive Committee after nomination by the University of Utah Staff Council-UUSC—see Policy 5-003).

Ex-officio members include Academic Senate past-president, Associate VP for Equity and Diversity, Associate VP for Diversity for Health Sciences, UUSC Chairperson, ASUU President, Director of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, Director of LGBT Resource Center, Assistant VP for Human Resources, and two representatives from the community.


Committee Chair 2023-24: Christy Porucznik

Powers & Duties

  • Identify issues, projects, and proposals to further a positive climate of diversity at the University
  • Provide leadership and expertise in promoting diversity on campus
  • Promote dialogue, exchange of ideas, and appreciation for diversity in the wide community
  • Respond to directions from the Academic Senate and forward information

Meeting Schedule

Meets three-five times per semester.

Current Roster

New: Joint Resolution: Academic Statement on Anti-Racism, Diversity and Inclusion
Approved by the Academic Senate 11/2/10

Annual Reports

Annual Reports