Senate Faculty Review Standards Committee

The Senate Faculty Review Standards Committee “generally advises the Senate and University administration regarding Regulations and practices for regular, periodic reviews of members of the University faculty (and also non-faculty instructional personnel teaching credit-bearing courses, see Policy 6-310). And, acting on behalf of the Senate . . .  the Committee has . . . specific functions for review and approval of the Statements describing and governing the University’s systems for reviews of individual faculty . . ..”

Governing Documents: University Policy 6-002-III-D-1-k: The Academic Senate;  Policy 6-303 Tenure-line faculty RPT reviews;  Policy 6-310 Career-line faculty reviews;  Policy 6-321 Tenured faculty reviews.

Powers and Duties

  • Advise the Senate and University administration on policy and practices for review of faculty and other instructional personnel
  • Approve departmental Statements of review standards & procedures for (i) Retention, Promotion, and Tenure reviews of Tenure-line faculty, (ii) Tenured-faculty reviews, (iii) Career-line faculty reviews & reappointments, and (iv) Reviews of Adjunct faculty & non-faculty instructional personnel.
  • Develop schedules and Guidance Templates for periodic updating of such Statements.

The Academic Senate elects 24 faculty to 4-year terms: 18 Tenured (one from each of the 17 academic colleges and the University Libraries) and six Career-line.

Current Membership

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