Senate Ad hoc Committee on Responsible Investment

This committee will take responsibility to:

  1. Develop options for University fund managers to consider regarding renewable energy investments that are equal- or higher-performing relative to fossil fuel-related assets
  2. Advise fund managers on opportunities to screen investments to avoid inadvertent promotion of social injustices
  3. Advise while recognizing the fact that these University fund managers must focus on return on investments, and so will advise on the possible loss of return on investment resulting from re-investment

The recommendations of the committee must reflect a consensus of the committee. The committee will interface with the Senate Ad Hoc Re-investment Dialogue Committee in the following ways:

  1. Seek input regarding re-investment strategies at other universities
  2. Provide information on points 1-3 above to the Senate Ad Hoc Re-investment Dialogue Committee for facilitating information transfer to the greater campus