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As part of the shared governance structure at the University there are a host of University Committees that are created and appointed by the President of the University to address an array of campus wide functions and issues, such as parking, research, student fees, athletics and other subjects.  Some of these Committees are advisory to the President or other administrators (e.g. the Committee on Student affairs or the Athletics Advisory Council) while some perform an adjudicatory or regulatory function (e.g. the Conflict of Interest Committee or the Academic Appeals and Misconduct Committee) The Academic Senate provides support for these Committees and nominates the faculty members of each committee.  Each year the Senate’s Personnel and Elections Committee (SPEC) conducts a campus-wide survey of all faculty seeking expressions of interest in being appointed to any University or Senate Committee.  From this survey, the P & E Committee prepares a ballot for the faculty membership of each Senate Committee and recommends one of more persons to the President for appointment to the University committees.