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Senate Advisory Committee on Centers, Institutes & Bureaus, Phase 2

Senate Advisory Committee on Centers, Institutes & Bureaus, Phase 2

Committee Description

This Committee was established to review the existing Utah System of Higher Education policies, the existing University policies and the University Graduate School Guidance document relating to Centers, Institutes and Bureaus (CIBs). The Committee was specifically charged to (1) draft or revise appropriate University policies, rules or guidelines relating to the creation;  governance, review and approval process and the ongoing reporting obligations of CIBs, both provisional and permanent and (2) present to the Academic Senate a written report with recommendations and proposed regulation language.

The Committee made a status report to the Academic Senate in November of 2019 and solicited comments and other feedback.  It is expected the Committee will have a final report by April of 2021.


  • Andrea Rorrer, Chair
  • Bob Allen
  • Glen Hanson
  • Milind Deo
  • Sarah Projansky
  • Jim Martin
  • Janet Theiss
  • Leslie Francis
  • Harriet Hopf
  • John Lin
  • Marla DeJong
  • Nancy Nickman
  • Mark Button
  • Mary Jane Taylor
  • Ann Engar

Ex Officio

  • Bob Flores,
  • Bob Fujinami,
  • David Keida
  • Fred Esplin,
  • Margaret Clayton

Annual Reports

UACI-CIB#00_Senate_for April 26 PowerPoint Slides

UACI-CIB#01_UACI Memo_to_Sen_d04-20


UACI-CIB#03_Policy6-001full&CMP Rule comb_04-20