August 28, 2006

Aug 28 2006
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Meeting Minutes


August 28, 2006

The regular meeting of the Academic Senate, held on August 28, 2006 was called to order at 3:03 pm by Kirtly Jones, Senate President. The meeting was held in room 115 C. Roland Christensen Center. Jones  welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the new academic year.


Kirtly Jones (Senate President), Anisa Abu-Ramaileh, Dan Adams, Chrisoula Andreou, Michael Bastiani, Margaret Battin, Paul Bernstein, Marc Bodson, Martha Bradley, Paul Bresslof, Arthur Brothman, Richard Brown, Ronald Bruhn,  Lyle Campbell, Peter Crane, Ben De Fiebre, David Derezotes, Gary Ellis, Gene Fitzgerald, Alan Fogel, Luiza Franca, Leslie Francis, Anna Garcia, Shadie Ghaibi, Robert E. Glasgow, Andrea Goldstein, Dan Goodrick, Jessica Griffith, Gary Grikscheit, Charles Grissom, Douglas Hacker, Paul Harline, David Hillyard, Jan Hobson, Brooke Hopkins, Michelle Hosp, Paul Hu, Russ Isabella, Kenneth Jameson, Charles Ju, Kacee Kniazeva, David Kieda, Mike Kirby, Thomas Kontuly, Lynette Land, Janet Lindsley, Karl Lins, Zheng-Rong Lu, Mary Lucero, Daniel Medwed, Sanford Meek, Erin Miedema, Joey Mortensen, Lex Newman, Aida Neimarlija, Erin O’Connell, Gerado Okhuysen, John Opitz, Richard Paine, Karen Paisley, Lester Partlow, Brian Patrick, Clay Perkins, Kathy Pope, Paul Roberts, Edward Rubin, Mayam Safaee, Barry Shultz, Maged Senbel, Randy Silverman, Bruce Smith, Sandra Smith, Randy Solomon, Gerald Spangrude, Nancy Staggers, Paul Stout, Raymond Tymas-Jones, Sharon Weinstein, Robert Wendel, Joanne Yaffe, and Mary Youngkin


Excused:  Richard Lemons, Janis Louie, Howard Lehman


Ex-officio members:  Loris Betz, Penny Brooke, Fred Esplin, Robert Flores, James Graves, Nancy Lines, John Mauger, David Pershing, Michael Young


Others present: Coralie Alder, Ann Bardsley, Behrouz Farhand, Ann Floor, John Francis, Jacob Kirkham, Gary Levy, Paul Mogren, Stephen Reynolds, Richard Sperry


As the October 2nd Academic Senate meeting occurs on an important Jewish holiday, President Jones presented an overhead list of other religious holidays and apologized for not being able to accommodate all of these special days for all Senate members. The October 2nd meeting will remain as scheduled. The suggestion was made for those who observe the religious holidays to plan to have a proxy attend the meeting in their behalf.



The minutes of May 7, 2006, were approved unanimously.


Consent Calendar

President Jones reminded the Senate of the necessity to annually approve the Senate Parliamentarian and explained the importance of his role. Paul Mogren’s reappointment was unanimously approved.


Jones explained that the Senate Executive Committee’s responsibility during the summer months is to act on behalf of the Senate on any matters needing quick resolution. The June and July Resignations and Appointments were accepted unanimously by the Executive Committee during the summer and are included as information items on the agenda.


The August Resignations and Appointments, received today, were handed out separately and unanimously accepted. They will be forwarded to the Board of Trustees.


Executive Committee Report

At the June 26, 2006 Executive Committee meeting, Professor Joanne Yaffe was unanimously elected Secretary of the Executive Committee.


Professor Yaffe presented the report of the Executive Committee’s summer meetings held via email June 5, and formally on June 26 and August 7, 2006. The following activities took place at these meetings:


At the June 26th meeting, the Executive Committee accepted the appointments and resignations and auxiliary faculty appointments arising since the previous senate meeting. These items have been forwarded to the Senate as information items and appear on today’s agenda:


1)  The appointments of Joanne Yaffe as Executive Committee secretary and Paul Mogren as Senate Parliamentarian were approved and Paul Mogren’s appointment was forwarded to the Senate for approval on today’s agenda.


2)  A preliminary proposal for a new policy on Complimentary books and a policy on faculty assigning their own books as course materials was circulated as an information item. It is expected to come to the Senate sometime this year.


3)  The annual report of the Academic Freedom & Tenure Committee (now called Academic Freedom and Faculty Rights) was reviewed, accepted and forwarded to the Senate as an information item on today’s agenda.


4)  The annual report of the Personnel & Elections Committee was reviewed and unanimously accepted. This report has been forwarded to the Senate as an information item and appears on today’s agenda.


5)  The Committee discussed a request from the University Diversity Committee to VP Pershing to approve a new director and an assistant director for the Center for the Ethnic Student Affairs and a staff person for the High School Services. The chair of the University Diversity Committee has been invited to meet with the Executive Committee for further discussion and clarification.


6)  Assoc VP John Francis met with the committee to report on the Ad Hoc review of Student Course Evaluations as a follow-up to concerns raised in the last Senate meeting. It was suggested that more members be added to this committee for better continuity. Dr. Francis has prepared a proposal which appears as an information item on today’s agenda.


7)  The committee met with David Chapman, Dean of the Graduate School to discuss the Graduate Council Review of the Department of Pharmacotherapy. The report was unanimously accepted and appears on today’s agenda as an information item.


8)   Associate VP John Francis presented the report of the Presidential Task Force on Internationalization. That report appears on today’s agenda as an information item.


9)   An update was given regarding a proposed to amend the recently adopted Parental Leave Policy. The proposal will likely come to the Senate later this semester.


At the August 7, 2006 meeting the following activities took place:


1)  The list of Resignations, Administrative and Faculty Appointments was unanimously approved and forwarded to the Senate as an information item on today’s agenda.


2)  President Michael Young met with the committee informally and reported on various construction projects and a preview of the legislative agenda. He also reported on several new administrative hires.


3)  The committee received a proposal for an Interdisciplinary Certificate in Historic Preservation. Robert Young of the College of Architecture + Planning presented the proposal. Because a decision was needed during the summer, the Executive Committee acted on behalf of the Senate to approve the proposal and enable it to be sent on to the Board of Trustees. It appears in today’s agenda as an information item.


4)  The annual report for the Budget and Planning Committee was reviewed. The report was tabled until it can be amended to report more clearly on issues and an action plan.


Report from Administration

President Young gave a brief report on several construction projects throughout the campus that are now or very soon underway. They include: Engineering, Marriot Library, the Humanities Building and the extension of the Business School. Future scheduled construction projects are: the College of Mines and the temporary parking lots on the site of the recently demolished dormitories.


Three additional construction projects are going forward to the Legislature for approval this year:

  1. Student Life Center (funded by student fees and fundraising activities);
  2. College of Nursing (expansion initiative);
  3. Student Learning Center (state of the art classroom building);


Updates on all of the construction projects are accessible on the website,


Other Legislative items include: 1) plan for a U-Star Research Building; 2) U-Star projects funding, narrowed down to 10 final proposals; 3) more financial aid as tuition is up statewide; 4) restructuring of the Development Office.


President Young reported on and welcomed the three new appointments on campus:

  1. Hiram Chodosh, new dean of the Law School.
  2. Rosemarie Hunter, director of University Neighborhood Partners, replacing Irene Fisher, who is retiring.
  3. Mary Beckerle, new Executive Director for the Huntsman Cancer Institute;


President Young also mentioned the ongoing search for a new dean in the College of Education.


President Young expressed his appreciation and praised the students for their wonderful work with the campaign to raise funds to restore the Block U on the mountain east of the campus. The campaign exceeded Ira and Mary Lou Foulton’s matching gift of $400,000, and brought in 1,000 to 1,200 new donors and added more than $250,000 – $300,000 to the scholarship fund. The lighting ceremony for the Block U will take place October 5, during halftime when Utah plays Texas Christian University.


President Young addressed questions regarding dollars spent by the university restoring the “U” and if they could have been used elsewhere. All funds for the project are coming from donors.


Responding to a question about why the university is not moving more quickly to develop connections with Latin America and increase faculty in Latin American Studies, President Young described efforts underway. Engineering is working on a partnership with a University in Mexico.


Report from ASUU

ASUU President Jacob Kirkham reported on the activities planned for Welcome Week. A “Beach Party” hosted by the Residence Halls and a Crimson Night event were attended by thousands.  Other activities include Plazafest held on the Union patio, Greek and LDSSA rush and finally Redfest which is scheduled for September 21 and 22.


Two of the goals planned for this year include expanding and renovating the ASUU Child Care Center in President’s Circle and teaming up with the Huntsman Cancer Institute to start a new tradition called “Rock the U”, a dance marathon to raise money for cancer research.


A question was raised about the report of ASUU going $66,000 over budget last year. Jacob reported that ASUU did not go over budget but one of their committees did go over. The ASUU budget is in the black by $92,000.


Information Calendar

Nancy Lines was introduced as Secretary to the faculty, Emeriti Club, Faculty Club, and administrative assistant for the Senate.


The annual report from the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee (now Academic Freedom and Faculty Rights) was submitted by Tony Ekdale. They had one formal complaint and proposed major revisions to the University Policy and Procedures Manual as they relate to the committee. The name of the committee was also changed. The Committee’s annual report was unanimously accepted.


The annual report from the Personnel and Elections Committee was submitted by Brian Patrick. During the past academic year, they completed several reviews including the Institutional Review Board, the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee (now Academic and Faculty Rights), the Senate Executive Committee, and the Financial Aid Committee. The report was unanimously accepted.


John Francis reported on the ongoing Ad-hoc Committee on Student Evaluations which is made up of two representatives from the Undergraduate Council, two representatives from the Graduate Council, two members from Student Government, and others to review the student course evaluations and determine how they were to be used in best practices and RPT. He noted that the student course evaluations are designed to measure student satisfaction, not learning outcomes. He introduced Jennifer Mabey and complimented her on her ability to make course evaluations work. She commented regarding the current concerns and issues being reviewed and alerted the Senate of an updated form which is forthcoming. A comment was made that the training of student advisory committees for appropriate usage of course evaluations within RPT procedures should be better, and it was agreed that this will be considered.


A summary of the proposal from the Presidential Task Force on Internationalization was presented by John Francis. He stated that the plan is to promote worthwhile objectives found on the university campus, draw connections and share information, increase campus visitors through an ambassador program. He stressed the importance for the U to focus its resources on existing centers, expanding student abroad programs, sustaining the number of students currently in graduate programs as well as promoting undergraduate students from other countries, and providing key support areas necessary to achieve national recognition.  A new International Institute will provide overall leadership and attract resources for the U’s commitment to internationalization and will serve to enhance internationally-oriented centers and programs of the various schools and colleges throughout the entire University. An International Alumni Network formerly operating but discontinued because of financial constraints, will be reinvigorated.


The Graduate Council review of the Department of Pharmacotherapy in the College of Pharmacy has already been accepted by the Executive Committee. It was unanimously accepted by the Senate.


There was an informative discussion regarding proposals for two new policies being developed by the Academic Policy Advisory Committee, including Complimentary Book Policy which was taken to the Academic Senate Executive Committee for preliminary discussion. The policy proposals will be presented at a later date.


Robert Young from the College of Architecture + Planning, presented a Proposal for an Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation for graduates as well as non-matriculated students who wish to take courses for credit. The disciplinary program would be shared with Architecture, Urban Planning, History and Public Administration. The proposal was approved by the Executive Committee acting on behalf of the Senate during the summer (with the suggestion that it be carefully edited to indicate correct faculty names and course numbers).


A question was asked about the number and quality of ongoing certificate programs initiated by the university. A suggestion to review all existing certificate programs to be sure they are still viable was accepted by the Senate president. She will make arrangements to follow up on the suggestion. The proposal was unanimously approved.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:21 pm.


Respectfully submitted by:



Nancy Lines, Secretary to the Senate