February 4, 2013

Feb 04 2013
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Meeting Minutes


February 4, 2013


Call to Order

The regular meeting of the Academic Senate, held on February 4, 2013, was called to order at 3:03 p.m. by Robert Fujinami, Senate President. The meeting was held in room 115 C. Roland Christensen Center.


Present: Lisa Aspinwall, Keith Bartholomew, Clayton Beckett, Tully Cathey, Kathy Chapman, Thomas Cheatham, Kuan Chen, Miguel Chuaqui, Marianna Di Paolo, Lee Dibble, Justin Diggle, Richard Dorsky, Kristina Evans, Aria Flatau, Leslie Francis, Sabine Fuhrmann, Bruce Gale, Michael Gardner, Timothy Garrett, Franz Goller, James  Graves, Joan Gregory, Gary Grikscheit, Charles Grissom, Thad Hall, Mary Elizabeth  Hartnett, Leanne Hawken, Tom Henderson, Howard Horwitz, L. Eric Huang, Eric Hutton, Thunder Jalili, Christian Johnson, William Johnson, Bradley Katz, Sharee Lane, Anthea Letsou, Karl Lins, John Longino, Kim Martinez, Theresa  Martinez, Heather Melton, Duncan Metcalf, Harvey Miller, Tatiana Mixco, Alfred Mowdood, Chris Myers, Ingrid Nygaard, Patrick Panos, Lester Partlow, M. Pollie Price, Matthew Potolsky, Alison Regan, Stephanie Richardson, Gerald Root, Sonia Salari, Janet Shaw, Clough Shelton, Orine Shine, Gregory Smoak, Jeff Stratman, Orest Symko, Geneva Thompson, Norm Waitzman, Li Wang, Wynchester Whetten, Joanne Yaffe, Angela Yetman, Aaron Young, Jingyi Zhu



Absent: Stephen Alder, Barton Blackburn, Reaz Chaudhuri, Ronald Coleman, John Conboy, Charlotte Conerly, Alicia De Leon, William Gershan, Michael Hawkins, Evert Lawton, Melissa Meeks, Dragan Milicic, Anne Mooney, Patricia Murphy, Trevor Myrick, Marlene Plumlee, Martin Rechsteiner, Gary Rose, David Rudd, Paul Shami, Kristin Smith – Crowe, Taylor Thompson, Molly Wheeler, Bryce Williams



Excused: Vivian Lee


Ex-officio:   Robert Flores, Robert Fujinami, Pat Hanna, Harriet Hopf, Paul Mogren, Allyson Mower, David Pershing, Amy Wildermuth, Shawnee Worsley


Excused with Proxy: David Ailion, Kevin DeLuca, Rachel Hayes-Harb, McKenna Menees, Hannah Pratt


Others:, , Sharon Aiken- Wisniewski, Martha Bradley, Matt Lopez, Mike Martineau, Lori McDonald, Mary Parker, Kevin Perry, Brent Schneider, Cassandra Van Buren, Donna White


Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Academic Senate meeting on January 7, 2013 were approved following a motion from Joanne Yaffe which was seconded by Patrick Panos.


Request for New Business

No new business to address



Consent Calendar

The resignations, retirements, administrative and faculty appointments, auxiliary and limited term appointments, appearing in the Appendices dated February 4, 2013, received approval to forward to the Board of Trustees on motion by Joanne Yaffe and seconded by Sonia Salari.


Executive Committee Report

Allyson Mower, Executive Committee Secretary, provided a summary of the Executive Committee meeting held January 14, 2013.




Report from Administration

President David Pershing spoke to the Senate regarding the legislature session. The number one request is still compensation. Last week Dr. Pershing and Dr. Vivian Lee testified before the Senate committee on the request for 10 million dollars to increase the medical school class size from 82 to 102 and it passed. It will now be forwarded to the House committee. The biggest challenge that remains is what will happen with the federal budget.


The position for the Vice President for Human Resources has been changed and will now be the Chief Human Resource Officer and will not be a cabinet officer. This search is ongoing and now has been narrowed to the final three candidates. The search for the Senior VP for Academic Affairs is ongoing. The search committee recommended six candidates and it has been narrowed to four final candidates. The final candidates will be visiting candidates to meet with administration. We feel it is a very strong group and we are very optimistic.


The keynote address given by Reverend Jesse Jackson at this year's Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration was amazing and a highlight of the celebration. It was a great experience for all who participated. Coming up we have a new exhibit of American Indians of the West that opens this week and we encourage all to attend.



Report from ASUU

Geneva Thompson spoke to the Senate regarding the legislature and the student involvement. ASUU has been working with Jason Perry and the Utah System of Higher Education. The Rock the U marathon is coming up soon and will hopefully raise as much money as in the past for cancer research.


ASUU elections are on track for the year and the posters will start to be displayed February 18th.


Conference on Social Awareness (COSA) was held January 26 and had a record attendance of 300 students. The keynote speaker was Julian Bond.


Professors were reminded if they have any students they would like to recommend for the Beehive Honor Society the applications are due February 15. The Beehive Honor Society was established at the University of Utah in 1913 and is the oldest and most prestigious honor society on campus today. It is currently under the auspices of the University of Utah Alumni Association. To be eligible, applicants must be first-time graduating seniors by September 2013.


Notice of Intent

The Undergraduate Admissions Policy revision was presented by Prof. Kevin Perry (Chair of the Credits and Admissions Committee) and Mary Parker (Associate VP Enrollment Management). The proposal has been reviewed by several campus committees, councils, and officers including: Credits and Admissions Committee, IPC, Undergraduate Council, General Counsel, office of Admissions, office of Dean of Students, office of University College. The main topics of the revision were discussed preliminarily with the Senate in September and December 2012. This revision includes the incorporation of Interim Rules 6-404A & B into revised Policy 6-404, and partial revisions of two related policies, 6-100 and 6-101. The primary focus has been on the revision of Policy 6-404, including the development of specific standards for admissions criteria, including individualized holistic evaluation. This holistic evaluation would include excellence in academic achievement, intellectual pursuits, integrity, personal maturity, and ability to contribute to and benefit from a culturally diverse learning community. A motion was made by Kim Martinez to move this proposal to the debate calendar immediately. Motion was seconded by Joanne Yaffe and passed with required 2/3 majority. Motion was made by Jim Anderson to approve and to forward to the Board of Trustees for final approval. Motion was seconded by Sonia Salari and passed unanimously.



Information Calendar

The Undergraduate Child Life Emphasis for Human Development and Family Studies Major, which has received final approval of the Undergraduate Council, was presented and no recommendations were made.


The revised Fine Arts College Council Charter, which has received final approval of the Senate Executive Committee, was presented by Brent Schneider (Associate Dean of the College).  The primary change for the Charter is to include representatives of the College’s full-time auxiliary faculty (Clinical/ Lecturer/Research) on the Council, elected by their peers within the College’s departments. No recommendations were made and the Charter was accepted. With this College’s approach as an example, a lengthy discussion was then held on how other colleges and departments may choose to provide for auxiliary faculty to serve in shared governance activities, which is encouraged by University Policy 6-310 (approved by the Senate in 2007 and strengthened in 2010). Bob Flores then explained that an ad hoc committee on auxiliary faculty issues, formed by Associate VP Amy Wildermuth, is currently developing two proposals which will be presented to the Senate during the spring semester. One proposal will be to change certain nomenclature for the various categories of faculty, including a new name of “Career-Line faculty” to encompass full-time faculty in the categories of Clinical, Lecturer, and Research, and replacing “Regular” with “Tenure-Line.” The other proposal is in response to a December 2010 charge from the Senate Executive Committee- to develop a proposal for some form of Senate representation for auxiliary faculty. The proposal will be a pilot project to include a set of elected representatives of the full-time Career-Line faculty on the Academic Senate. In a lengthy discussion, senators voiced various concerns about the changing roles of the auxiliary faculty and consequences for the future of the University, and asked that there be some opportunity in the spring to discuss those issues. Bob Flores explained that the presentation of the ad hoc committee’s proposals will provide opportunities for some discussion of the issues, and in the meanwhile invited senators to communicate any questions and concerns for the ad hoc committee to consider as it formulates its proposals.


The report of the Graduate Council review of the Department of Medicinal Chemistry was presented and accepted.


New Business

A Resolution of Appreciation was presented to Kevin Taylor, Director of Planning & Policy of Information Technology, on the occasion of his medical retirement, recognizing his long service to the University of Utah.




The meeting adjourned at 4:12 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,


Shawnee Worsley