January 9, 2012

Jan 09 2012
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Meeting Minutes


January 9, 2012


Call to Order

The regular meeting of the Academic Senate held on January 9, 2012, was called to order at 3:04 p.m. by Patricia Hanna, Senate President. The meeting was held in room CRCC 115.



Senators: Lisa Aspinwall, Alexander M. Balk, Amanda Barusch, Joanna Bettmann, Tully Cathey, Kathy Chapman, Reaz Chaudhuri, Kuan Chen, Margaret (Mardie) Clayton, Kevin DeLuca, Tina Diekmann, Lee Dibble, Marianna Di Paolo, Richard Dorsky, Richard Ernst, Richard Forster, Leslie Francis, Sabine Fuhrmann, Robert Fujinami, Bruce Gale, Michael Gardner, Timothy Garrett, William M. Gershan, Franz Goller, Michael Goodman, Joan Gregory, Gary Grikscheit, Charles “Chuck” Grissom, Thad Hall, Rachel Hayes-Harb, Martin Horvath, Howard Horwitz, Eric Hutton, Thunder Jalili, William (Bill) Johnson, Maureen Keefe, Sharee Lane, Stephen Lessnick, Anthea Letsou, Karl Lins, Kim Martinez, Teri J. Mauch, Heather Melton, Duncan Metcalf, Joseph Metz, Allyson Mower, Patricia Murphy, Rachel Nardo, Arthur C. (Chris) Nelson, Chris Pantelides, Lester Partlow, Sean Redmond, Sonia Salari, Janet Shaw, Clough Shelton, Gregory Smoak, Jeff Stratman, Orest Symko, Margaret Wan, Li Wang


Student Senators:  Elle Barker, Andrew Black,  Jackson Chambers,  Alicia De Leon, Will Hoang, Jillian Jensen,  Grace Ku,  Heather McElroy,  Sara Nassof,  Cory J. Nelson,  Eleni Schenk ,  Taylor Spendlove, Taylor Thompson,  Jeffery Van Hulten,  Molly Wheeler


Ex-officio: A. Lorris Betz, Robert Flores, Robert Fujinami, Patricia Hanna, Paul Mogren, James Metherall, Dave Pershing, Amy Wildermuth, Shawnee Worsley


Others: Kurt Hegmann, Daniel Lofgren, Richard Sperry, Kevin Taylor, Chuck Wight


Excused: Stephen Alder, Ronald Coleman, Vivian S. Lee


Absent without Proxy: Bob Allen, George Cassiday, Bradley J. Katz, Todd Kramer, Evert Lawton, Anne Mooney, Dragan Milicic, Chris Myers, Chris Peterson, Martin Rechsteiner, Alison Regan, Andrea Rorrer,

Gary Rose, David Rudd, Brenda Vanderwiel, David Viskochil, Norm Waitzman, Angela Yetman


Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Academic Senate meeting on December 5, 2011, were approved following a motion from Thad Hall which was seconded by Joan Gregory.


Request for New Business

No New Business


Consent Calendar

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Executive Committee Report

Robert Fujinami, Executive Committee Secretary, provided a summary of the Executive Committee meetings held on December 19, 2011.


Report from Administration

Interim President Betz reported on the upcoming legislative session stating the number one priority is the compensation for faculty and staff. Also high on the list is the repairs and replacement of the outdated infrastructure. The U will request $50 million this year to begin the repairs and an additional $49 million next year to complete the project. An additional request will be made to restore funding to the School of Medicine for an additional 20 students to bring it back to former number of 102.


Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Dave Pershing reported on the student indebtedness that was raised at the last meeting. The following graphs describe his findings:


U of U tuition per semester based on 12 credit hours


2009 $2,200
2010 $2.400 9% Increase
2011 $2,650 9% Increase


Utah average indebtedness based on 4 years of 12 credit hours per semester


Year Utah Increase National
2009 $15,200 Debt $25,200
2010 $17,300 14% increase
2011 $19,000 9.5% increase



Report from ASUU

Cory Nelson, ASUU Academic Affairs Director, reported to the Senate the new scholarship website is now live. Students plug in their academic level, residency and financial need and a list of eligible scholarships comes up. This will be a useful tool for students looking for scholarships. You can view the website at http://financialaid.utah.edu/scholarships/search/


ASUU is also working with students from Utah universities to lobby as a group for higher education funding at this year’s legislature. Cory asked for the professors to remind their students they can help in this matter.


Finals week at the Marriott Library, also known as Geek Week, was a huge success. ASUU provided free parking, snacks and supplies. Corey stated that even between the hours of 2:00 am and 6:00 am there were 150 to 250 students using the library.


Notice of Intent

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Debate Calendar

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Information Calendar

Senators accepted the Graduate Council’s review of the Department of Special Education.




The meeting adjourned at 4:10 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Shawnee Worsley