March 7, 2011

Mar 07 2011
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Meeting Minutes


March 7, 2011


Call to Order

The regular meeting of the Academic Senate, held on March 7, 2011, was called to order at 3:01 pm by James E. Metherall, Senate President. The meeting was held in room 115 C. Roland Christensen Center.



Stephen Alder, Peter Alfeld, Bob Allen, James Anderson, Lisa Aspinwall, Richard Barton, Amanda Barusch, Tami Beck, Joanna Betmann, David Bjorkman, Kumi Boike, John Bowman, Francis H. Brown, Craig Caldwell, George Cassiday, Reaz Chaudhuri, Kuan Chen, Vincent Cheng, Ronald Coleman, Ronald Fuller for Suzanne Darais, Larry DeVries, Lee Dibble, Kristina Diekmann, Richard Dorsky, Nadja Durbach, Richard Ernst, Richard Forster, Leslie Francis, Robert Fujinami, Bruce Gale, Timothy Garrett, Gwyndolynn Gentry, Michael Goodman, Sandra Hasstedt, Lauren Holland, Harriet Hopf, Martin Horvath, Howard Horwitz, Tom Huckin, Eric Hutton, Chase Jardine, Douglas Jones, Wen Kuo, Sharee Lane, Stephen Lessnick, Anthea Letsou, Joelle Lien, Karl Lins, Kim Martinez, Teri Mauch, John Metcalf, Joseph Metz, William C. Michel, Melissa Maestas for Ryan Morrison, Kathryn Morton, Allyson Mower, Chris Myers, Rachel Nardo, Chris Nelson, Chad Nielsen, Lester Partlow, Martin Rechsteiner, Alison Regan, Steve Reynolds, Kristina Rodriguez, Andrea Rorrer, Nelson Roy, Sonia Salari, Sasha Bordell for Sara Schneider, Janet Shaw, James Sibthorp, Joseph Sin, Paula Smith, Sandy Smith, Randall Steward, Jeff Stratman, Orest Symko, Norm Waitzman, Bryce Williams,


Excused:  Sara Schneider, Ryan Morrison, Henryk Hecht, Steve Carson, David Blair, Vladimir Hlady, David Viskochil


Ex-officio:  Paul Brinkman, Robert Flores, John Francis, Pat Hanna, Nancy Lines, James Metherall, Paul Mogren, Susan Olson, Jack Brittain, Octavio Villalpando, Michael K. Young


Others:   Ann Floor, Joanne Yaffe, Phyllis Vetter, Nan Ellin, Syndi Haywood, Amy Wildermuth


Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Academic Senate meeting on February 7, 2011, were approved following a motion from Larry DeVries which was seconded by Jim Anderson.


Request for New Business

There was no request for new business.


Consent Calendar

The resignations, retirements, faculty appointments, auxiliary and limited term appointments, appearing in the Appendices dated February 28, 2011, received approval to forward to the Board of Trustees following a motion from Bob Fujinami and which was seconded by Jim Anderson.



Executive Committee Report

Pat Hanna, Executive Committee Secretary, summarized her written report of the February 7, 2011, Executive Committee meeting.


Report from Administration

President Michael Young reminded the Senate that Graduation is scheduled with Mitch Albom, author of the bestselling biography in history, Tuesdays with Morey, as the speaker and extended an invitation for all to join him. The President then provided an update on the Legislative session which should be finalized today. The budget which was initially thought to be a 7 percent cut has been backfilled to approximately a 1.5 to 3 percent budget cut. He


Other issues included a piece on fire arms which has no impact on the University’s policies, additional requirements for in-state tuition for undocumented students who have graduated from Utah high schools were removed, Capital Infrastructure projects requests most likely will not be funded, a bill requiring all repairs and renovation projects be brought before the Legislature has been modified to the U’s advantage, the reporting requirements for KUED was satisfied as it already exists, and finally, the removal of tenure went down to defeat. The President praised the success of Jason Perry for his efforts in this Legislative session. President Young also responded to a question regarding salary increases indicating they will not come from the State budget but other avenues are being discussed.


Report from ASUU

Chase Jardine, ASUU President, noted that student elections are underway. The main goal for this year was to reach out to the students. They launched a marketing campaign which has nearly doubled from a year ago. The student group leadership was restructured and requests for student group funding amounted to over $200,000. The student group leadership forums were re-established and the first discussion featured President Young as the speaker.


The annual Rock the U fund raiser for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation is scheduled for Friday, March 11 and the hope is to better the $20,000 total from last year.


Notice of Intent

New Policy 6-320 (and revised Policies 6-314 and 6-300)  concerning Part-Time Regular Faculty and Librarians was explained by Susan Olson, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Joann Yaffe, former chair of the Presidential Commission on the Status of Women. The new policy provides clarification and elaboration regarding how to deal with unexpected issues of part-time faculty. The policy provides three alternative arrangements for faculty needing to balance work and family needs while also improving the University’s ability to recruit and retain the best faculty. The most difficult issue appeared to be the extension of the tenure clock during the probationary period. A lengthy discussion ensued with many questions being addressed. Any questions or concerns should be directed to Susan Olson or Joanne Yaffe.


Debate Calendar

Dan McCool, Environmental Studies Program Director, addressed the request for the name change for the Environmental Studies Program. The new name will be Environmental and Sustainability Studies Program. Dr. McCool indicated that adding sustainability more accurately reflects what the students study and is the trend in academia as a whole. A motion to forward to the Board of Trustees for final approval was made by Larry DeVries and seconded by Jim Anderson received unanimous approval.


Nan Ellin, City and Metropolitan Planning, gave a short précis on the request for an Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Urban Design. She indicated that this program is an interdisciplinary effort between Architecture and City and Metropolitan Planning and would build a bridge with architecture nationally and locally. Urban Design is a growing program and very much in demand. Chris Nelson made a motion to approve the request and forward to the Board of Trustees for final approval which was seconded by Jim Anderson and approved unanimously.


Jack Brittain, Vice President for Technology Venture Development, gave a synopsis of their request for transcript acknowledgement for the Undergraduate Innovation Scholars Program. The program would allow students to design a path for learning more about Big Problems and Big Ideas and propose innovative solutions allowing them a personalized case study to enhance graduate school applications and job interviews. It would also give the University leverage in innovation for recruiting and engagement. A Steering Committee representing the deans would advise and steer the program which Tech Ventures would administer.  A motion from Norm Waitzman to award $1,000 to each successful innovation scholar was defeated. A motion from Jim Anderson to table the request was also defeated. A motion to accept the amendment to put the governance with the Undergraduate Studies Office for assembling the Steering Committee after consulting the deans and department chairs amending the language appropriately was made by David Bjorkland, seconded by Steve Alder and approved. A motion from Chris Nelson to approve as amended was seconded by Karl Lins and approved.


Information Calendar

The information calendar was announced and accepted. Paul Brinkman, Associate Vice President for Budget and Planning, gave a short synopsis of the annual Faculty Complement explaining the various tables indicating who taught courses within the University. Jim Metherall complimented the Vice President on his diligence in providing this report and all he has done for the University and wished him well in his future retirement.


New Business

There was no new business.



The meeting adjourned at 4:52 p.m.




Respectfully submitted,


Nancy Lines