November 1, 2010

Nov 01 2010
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Meeting Minutes


November 1, 2010


Call to Order

The regular meeting of the Academic Senate, held on November 1, 2010, was called to order at 3:04 p.m. by James E. Metherall, Senate President. The meeting was held in room L105 Warnock Engineering Classroom Building.



Stephen Alder, Peter Alfeld, Bob Allen, Lisa Aspinwall, Amanda Barusch, Tami Beck, Joanna Bettmann, David J. Bjorkman, Tony Ekdale for John Bowman, Francis H. Brown, Steve Carson, Doug Cartwright, Reaz Chaudhuri, Kuan Chen, Vincent Cheng, Breanne Chipman, Margaret Clayton, Ronald Coleman, Eva Comollo, Suzanne Darais, Larry DeVries, Lee Dibble, Tina Diekmann, Richard Dorsky, Richard Ernst, Jaimee Farrer, Richard Forster, Leslie Francis, Robert Fujinami, Bruce Gale, Gwyndolynn Gentry, Michael Goodman, Chuck Grissom, Max Hanna, Sandra Hasstedt, Vladimir Hlady, Laureen Holland, Harriet Hopf, Martin Horvath, Howard Horwitz, Tom Huckin, Eric Hutton, Chase Jardine, Douglas Jones, Keith Keddington, Sharee Lane, Stephen Lessnick, Anthea Letsou, Joelle Lien, Karl Lins, Laurence Loeb, Kim Martinez, Teri Mauch, Chad Metcalf, Joseph Metz, William C. Michel, Ann Mooney, Justin McAllister for Ryan Morris, Kathryn Morton, Allyson Mower, Chris Myers, Rachel Nardo, A. Chris Nelson, Chad Nielsen, Bradley Parker, Chris Peterson, Martin Rechsteiner, Darby Fanning for Alison Regan, Steve Reynolds, Kristina Rodriguez, Andrea Rorrer, Nelson Roy, Sonia Salari, Wilfred Samuels, Jeremy Sanchez, Sara Schneider, Janet Shaw, James Sibthorp, Joseph Sin, William Siska, Paula Smith, Sandy Smith, Jeff Stratman, Orest Symko, David Viskochil, Norm Waitzman, Bryce Williams, Chase Winder


Excused:  John Bowman, Ryan Morrison, Alison Regan

Excused w/o proxy:  Timothy Garrett, David Blair, Richard Barton, Henryk Hecht


Ex-officio:  James E. Anderson, Robert Flores, John Francis, James E. Graves, Nancy Lines, James Metherall, Paul Mogren, Susan Olson, David W. Pershing, Michael K. Young


Others:   Ann Floor, Ed Barbanell, Michael Timberlake, Laura Snow, Donna White, Theresa Martinez, Gerda Saunders, Mary Ann Dresher


Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Academic Senate meeting of October 4, 2010, were unanimously approved with one correction, Joelle Lien should be marked present, following a motion from Jim Anderson which was seconded by Teri Mauch.


Request for New Business

There was no request for new business.


Consent Calendar

The resignations, retirements, faculty appointments, auxiliary, and limited term appointments, appearing in the Appendices on October 18, 2010, and November 1, 2010, received approval to forward to the Board of Trustees following a motion by Richard Dorsky and seconded by Robert Fujinami.


Executive Committee Report

Pat Hanna, Executive Committee Secretary, summarized her written report of the October 18, 2010, Executive Committee meeting.


Report from Administration

President Michael K. Young informed the Senate of the serious high powered water line break earlier today injuring twelve, with two or three critically injured, and indicated that some buildings could be affected with temporary water and heating problems.


President Young extended congratulations to the Health Sciences for their recent award as the number one health care system in the United States, receiving a five star rating, after rating in each of the five categories.


The President was pleased to announce the dedications of the Floyd and Jeri Meldrum Civil Engineering Building, the Annette Poulson Cumming Nursing Building, and the McCarthy Family Track and Field facility.


The President encouraged the senators to get out and vote on Tuesday and reminded everyone that Saturday morning ESPN will be broadcasting Game Day from the University of Utah and that it should be a good day for the University.


Report from ASUU

Chase Jardine, ASUU President, reported that ASUU has been working on two initiatives. The first was Impact Day in which 75 political candidates came to the campus and interacted with students. In conjunction with this program, ASUU is working Vice President Kim Wirthlin to start a program that would bring legislators, preferably from the Higher Ed appropriations committee, to the campus and allow the students to interact and tour with them. The second initiative is a program called ‘Career Advantage’. This program would allow undergraduate students who are undecided in their careers a website to view case studies and student profiles of former students now in graduate school to offer advice. ASUU is working with other organizations and graduate schools on this program. When asked why more women don’t run for the top ASUU office, Chase noted that there are a couple of women considering to run this year.


Notice of Intent

Ed Barbanell, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, presented a proposed new revision of Policy 6-100 (Instruction and Evaluation). A motion to move to the Debate Calendar was made by Orest Symko, seconded by Larry DeVries, and approved with one objection.


Donna White, Associate Dean of Graduate School, provided a short synopsis of the proposed newpolicy, Policy 6-225 to put Graduate Emphases on transcripts. She indicated that this was nearly identical to the Undergraduate Emphases which passed the senate two years ago and would now like to move it forward. A motion from Jim Anderson to move this to the Debate Calendar was seconded by Suzanne Darais and approved.

Debate Calendar

New Policy 6-225 for Undergraduate Emphasis on Transcripts was debated and approved to be forwarded to the Board of Trustees for final approval, on motion made by Jim Anderson, seconded by Suzanne Darais, and unanimously approved.


Laura Snow, Special Assistant to the President, explained two options to clarify the language in the description of awarding Honorary Degrees in Section A, Policy 9-002. A motion to accept the shorter version with the friendly amendment to add “. . . achieved unusual distinction” in the shorter version, was made by Jim Anderson and seconded by Douglas Johnson and called to a vote and failed. After further discussion, and following a second friendly amendment, it was suggested to accept the longer version and to include the word ‘society’ following “. . . in service to the University and/or”, and to end the paragraph following the word ‘invention’. A motion to accept the second friendly amendment came from Larry DeVries, and was seconded by Chad Peterson and approved. Larry DeVries then made a motion to approve the entire proposal and forward the amended policy to the Board of Trustees for final approval which was seconded by Jim Anderson and approved.


Ed Barbanell introduced Michael Timberlake, chair of the ad hoc committee that was appointed to review this policy. Ed summarized the changes by section for Policy 6-100. Jim Anderson moved to divide the policy into sections which was seconded by Suzanne Darais and approved.

After reviewing the policy, section by section, Section M could not be approved and a recommendation to table Policy 6-100 was received. A motion from Amanda Barusch, seconded by Steve Alder to table the entire policy until the December Senate meeting was approved. As every section except Section M was agreed upon and as the accompanying Policy 6-101 and Rule 6-100A have been accepted, only Section M will be reviewed in December in an effort to approve the entire package.


Information Calendar:

The proposed revision of the College of Fine Arts Charter, having received the required approval of the Executive Committee on October 18, 2010, was accepted without discussion. The proposed 12 Emphases for Undergraduate Music Majors, were accepted without discussion. The proposed revision to the description of criteria for courses qualifying for the University Diversity Curriculum Requirement were, after lengthy discussion, approved as proposed, upon majority vote.


The President’s Honors and Awards Report from the Board of Trustees meeting on October 12, 2010 was included on the information calendar.


New Business

There was no new business.



The meeting adjourned at 5:02 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,


Nancy Lines