November 2, 2015

Nov 02 2015
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Meeting Minutes


November 2, 2015


Call to Order


The regular meeting of the Academic Senate, held on November 2, 2015, was called to order at 3:02 p.m. by Bill Johnson, Senate President. The meeting was held in CTIHB 109.


Present: Ole Fischer, Sarah Hinners, Lyda Bigelow, Leticia Alvarez, Yongmei Ni, Janiece Pompa, Orly Alter, A.K. Balaji, Robert Hitchcock, Xiaoyue Liu, Edward M. Trujillo, Denny Berry, Ning Lu, Joe Marotta, Steve Roens, Lien Fan Shen, Kelly Bricker, Stacy Manwaring, Julie Metos, Les Podlog, Reva Rauk, Lorie Gage Richards, James Anderson, Karin Baumgartner, Maria Dobozy, Nadja Durbach, Disa Gambera, Anne Jamison, Lex Newman, Adrian Palmer, Robin Craig, David Hill, Terry Kogan, John Bramble, Alicia Brillon, Luke Leither, Jill Moriearty, Jennifer Garvin, Michelle Hofmann, Katherine Kendall, Antoinette Laskey, William Lowrance, Nicole Mihalopoulos, Maureen A. Murtaugh, Christy Porucznik, Ravi Ranjan, Jody Rosenblatt, Debra Simmons, Robert A. Stephenson, Frederick Strathmann, David Dinter, Paul Jewell, Margaret Clayton, Mollie Cummins, Lynn Hollister, Jindrich Kopecek, Linda Tyler, Randy Dryer, Peter Alfeld, Yekaterina Epshteyn, David Goldenberg, Dmytro Pesin, Thomas Richmond, John Sperry, David Temme, Andrejs Treibergs, Thomas Cova, Lori Kowaleski-Jones, Duncan Metcalfe, Lina Svedin, Norman Waitzman, Patrick Panos, Mary Beth Vogel-Ferguson, Marley Arango, Chris Bell, Cindy Chen, Ambra Jackson, Aubrey Keaney, John Muhs, John Peterson, Hannah Stinson, Gaby Zumaeta


Absent: Jeff Coles, Melissa Lewis, Jeff Nielsen, Todd Zenger, Olga Baker, Gary Lowder, Meredith Metzger, Michael Cottle, Avery Holton, John T. Langell, Scott T. Youngquist, Marjorie Chan, Andrea Bild, Jordan Gerton, Michael Shapiro, Joan Brenner-Coltrain, Nilufer Cagatay, Frances Friedrich, Baodong Liu, Wade Cole, Daniel Barber, Douglas Chan, Devin Daniels, Conrad Dean, Jaycee Lynn Christensen, Andy Moyle, Julie Olaf, Christina Ripley, Ashlee Ruff, Amy Simonsen


Ex-Officio: Robert Flores, William Johnson, Paul A. Mogren, Xan Johnson, Amy Wildermuth


Excused with Proxy: Mia Hashibe for Christy Porucznik, Michael Morse for Joel Miller, Norma Harris for Jason Castillo, Julie Metos


Excused: Stephen Alder, Carrie Byington, Harriet Hopf, Vivian S. Lee, David W. Pershing, Ruth V. Watkins


Others: Jeff Herring, Joan Gines, Dan Bowden, Greg Nance, Kiston Finney, Nancy Lombardo, Brent Schneider, Diana Andrus, Justin Diggle, Wendy Wischer, Jake Jensen, Florian Solzbacher, Jennifer Reed, Alexandra Zimmerman, Miguel Chuaqui, Ben Bromley, Kevin Hanson


Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Academic Senate on October 5, 2015 were approved without objection.


Consent Calendar

No resignations, retirements, and appointments


Request for New Business

No new business


Report from Administration

Amy Wildermuth, Associate Vice President for Faculty, filling in for David Pershing, gave an update on the administration’s activities. She gave an update about the NWCCU Accreditation visit, and stated that in their report they acknowledged the University’s great faculty governance structure and relationship with administration. The Accreditation team gave commendations for the Marriott Library, the UOnline program, and the holistic admissions approach. They also stated that the University of Utah needs to focus on improving its assessment processes and that the old mission statement must be aligned with the U’s new goals. The accreditors also stated that the members of the U community demonstrated exceptional school pride and extensive knowledge of the University’s four goals.


Amy also reminded senators that her office provides several different leadership and professional development programs, and she encourages faculty to look into them. She also gave a brief update on plans for replacement of the OSH building and stated that student feedback will impact the design of the building.


Report from ASUU

Ambra Jackson, ASUU President, gave an update on student government activities. For ESPN College Game Day, members of ASUU led a recycling effort for the program and conducted a tour of the U’s Recycle Rice-Eccles initiative. The ASUU Government Relations Board held a Salt Lake City mayoral candidates debate between Jackie Biskupsi and Ralph Becker on October 20. The event was supported by the Andrew Goodman Foundation and the Hinckley Institute of Politics. In addition, Ambra will personally be putting together a taskforce on mental health on campus with the support of Student Health and the Center for Student Wellness. ASUU leaders also met with the Accreditation team in the previous week.


Notice of Intent

No items of intent


Debate Calendar

Randy Dryer and Dan Bowden presented the proposal for approval of two of the University Rules to accompany Policy 4-004: the Data Classification Rule and the Acceptable Use Rule. The proposal was previously presented on the October Intent Calendar, and since that meeting, there were two town hall meetings held where certain issues were discussed and addressed. The Faculty IT Ad hoc Committee, with the Information Security Team, created a “Frequently Asked Questions” guidance sheet that shall accompany the Rules. Randy stated that the Rules have been adjusted to strengthen faculty academic and privacy interests. Randy and Dan also stated that clarifications were made to properly define “illegal behavior” and “suspicious behavior” in the Rules.


If approved now, these two Rules would not be made effective until April 2016, so that their effective date will coincide with that of the others within the larger set of Rules to be included in this overall project. And there will be an educational effort beforehand to educate faculty and students. There was an extensive discussion of the “Social Media Use” section in the Acceptable Use Rule. The University does not have a separate formal social media policy in place; Randy stated that the minimal social media section of this Acceptable Use Rule is not meant to serve as a full-fledged formal social media policy. Motion made by Anne Jamison to approve the two Rules with the amendment that the word “reasonably” is added to the “Social Media Use” section within the Acceptable Use Rule. Motion seconded by Maureen Murtaugh. Motion passed unanimously.


Brent Schneider presented the proposal to combine the departments of Ballet and Modern Dance into the School of Dance. He mentioned that in the last ten to fifteen years, the two areas of dance have converged and we are the only University to still have separate departments. Combining the departments also attracts more students, and the proposal is unanimously supported from both sides. Brent also explained that a “school” such as this is treated as equivalent to an academic department for purposes of all University procedures, per Policy 6-001, and that the Director of the School of Dance would function exactly like a department chair and would report to the Dean of the college. Motion was made by Norman Waitzman to approve the proposal and forward to the Board of Trustees and was seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


Diana Andrus presented the proposal for a name change from the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Certificate to the Substance Abuse Disorder Treatment Training Certificate. Diana stated that the change was brought forth to comply with a Utah State law. Motion was made by Jim Anderson to approve the proposal and forward to the Board of Trustees. Motion seconded by Randy Dryer. Motion passed unanimously.


Justin Diggle presented the proposal for a minor in Printmaking. Printmaking is significantly different than other areas of art and tends to be very technical. The minor would give students the skills to work across disciplines and mediums. There was a discussion about possible overlap with the Book Arts Program coordinated through the Marriott Library, and Justin mentioned that Printmaking is a separate field, and no courses would overlap. Motion was made by Jim Anderson to approve the proposal and forward to the Board of Trustees. Motion was seconded by Robin Craig. Motion passed unanimously.


Wendy Wischer presented the proposal for a minor in Sculpture/Intermedia. The minor would serve students across campus and allow students in the Art and Art History departments to develop their resumes. Motion was made by Randy Dryer to approve the proposal and forward to the Board of Trustees. Motion was seconded by Maureen Murtaugh. Motion passed unanimously.


Glen Feighery presented the proposal for a minor in Strategic Communication. The minor focuses on public relations and advertising specifically. The existing major in Strategic Communication is so popular that the department saw the need for a minor and brought forth the proposal. Motion was made by Randy Dryer to approve the proposal and forward to the Board of Trustees. Motion was seconded by John Peterson. Motion passed unanimously.


Florian Solzbacher presented the proposal for permanent status for the Center for Engineering Innovation (which has been operating in provisional status since 2013). He mentioned that this center is aimed to close the gap in basic sciences to practical implementation of ideas. There are no other programs like the Center in the state. Students will have the opportunity to be involved in research and employment opportunities with the center as well. The Senate made a friendly amendment to the proposal based on Florian’s willingness to comply requesting he obtain a letter of support from the Dean of the College of Mines and Earth Sciences. Motion was made by Patrick Panos to approve to the Board of Trustees. Motion seconded by Randy Dryer. Motion passed unanimously.


Information and Recommendations Calendar

The following items were presented for the information and recommendations of the Academic Senate:

  • Jennifer Reed, Director of Auxiliary Services, gave an update on the SAFE Campaign (regarding safe and courteous use of pedestrian walkways for skateboards, bicycles, etc). She has worked with Facilities, UPD and Commuter Services to implement the program. So far, they have taken an educational approach to ensuring safe use of pathways on campus. Jennifer mentioned that regular policing of pathways would be too costly, and her department is working to install permanent signage for the campaign. She mentioned that pedestrians violate the rules of the pathways the most. There was a discussion about ASUU involvement in the project and senators encouraged Commuter Services to reach out to student representatives about collaboration.
  • Jeff Herring discussed Interim Rule 5-302, which President Pershing put into effect on an interim basis October 1, and is now presented for processing through the Senate and Trustees to be made a permanent regulation. The revised regulation makes changes to certain staff employee retirement benefits (with no effect on faculty employees). Certain staff employees who are hired on or after October 1, 2015 will have a ‘401’ type retirement fund instead of a traditional pension. Staff hired previously will continue to have the traditional pension (as will new hire staff in certain limited categories, including public safety officers).This new policy will save the University and some staff members a significant amount of money. Herring, along with Jason Perry, have met and consulted about this with the Staff Council leadership, the Staff Council, some members of the Board of Trustees, and the Academic Senate leadership.
  • Alexandra Zimmerman, the bicycle coordinator at Commuter Services, discussed Zimride, a ride-matching service ( She stated that Zimride is part of a University-wide smart commute initiative. The service can only be used by those within the University community, but there are options to partner with those in the BYU and USU communities. Drivers are vetted through the system by making drivers provide license and insurance policies information, and suggesting that drivers and passengers meet in a public place.
  • Miquel Chuaqui presented the proposal for an emphasis in Piano Pedagogy within the Music BA. The proposal was designed to help piano players who want to become independent teachers. The emphasis focuses on one-on-one teaching and technical teaching.
  • Ben Bromley presented the proposal for an emphasis in Astronomy and Astrophysics within the Physics BA/BS. Ben stated that the department has 5 new Astronomy faculty members that will contribute to the emphasis. The advantage of having an emphasis rather than a minor is that it will allow students to engage in more research opportunities.
  • Kevin Hanson presented the emphasis in Film Production within the Film and Media Arts BA. The new emphasis will give students a pathway through the degree that will also provide a Capstone opportunity.
  • The Athletics Advisory Council Report listed on the agenda was delayed to be presented next month.



Meeting adjourned at 4:38 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Wogai Mohmand