October 6, 2014

Oct 06 2014
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Meeting Minutes


October 6, 2014

Call to Order

The regular meeting of the Academic Senate, held on October 6, 2014, was called to order at 3:02 p.m. by Steve Alder, Senate President. The meeting was held in WEB L105.


Present: David Ailion, Peter Alfeld, Chrisoula Andreou, A.K. Balaji, Keith Bartholomew, Karin Baumgartner, Kelly Bricker, Alicia Brillon, Nilufer Cagatay, Kate Canas, Cynthia Chen,  Michael Cottle, Thomas Cova, Robin Craig, Mollie Cummins, Angel Demirev, Justin Diggle, David Dinter Maria Dobozy, Randy Dryer, Nadja Durbach, Ole Fischer, Frances Friedrich, Caren Frost, Disa Gambera, Jennifer Garvin, Leanne Hawken, David Hill, Michelle Hofmann, Lynn Hollister, Avery Holton, Anne Jamison, Brandon Jennings, Peter Jensen, Christian Johnson, Nisha Kavalam, Katherine Kendall, Eric Leishman, Melissa Lewis, Xiaoyue Liu, Uri Loewenstein, John (Jack) Longino, Gary Lowder, Joe Marotta, Sandra McIntyre, Julie Metos, Meredith Metzger, Joel Miller, Anthony Minjarez , Jill Moriearty, Alfred Mowdood, Yongmei Ni, Ingrid E. Nygaard, Anthony Oyler, Richard Paine, Adrian Palmer, Les Podlog, Janiece Pompa, Christy Porucznik, Matthew Potolsky, Ravi Ranjan, Reva Rauk, Lorie Gage Richards, Stephanie Richardson, Steve Roens, Gerald Root, Jody Rosenblatt, Paul J. Shami, Michael Shapiro, Lien Fan Shen, Debra Simmons, Kristin Smith-Crowe, John Paul Soares, Justin Spangler, John Sperry, Robert A. Stephenson, David Temme, Andrejs Treibergs, Edward M. Trujillo, Raymond Tymas-Jones, Norman Waitzman, Rachel Wootton, Joanne Yaffe, Taryn Young, Jingyi Zhu,


Absent: Orly Alter, Ana Christine Bentz, Lyda Bigelow, Joan Brenner-Coltrain, Demi Brog, Marjorie Chan, Thomas Cheatham, John Conboy, Ryann Cooley, Devin Daniels, Xiao Fang, Anna Ferguson, Camille George, Jordan Gerton, Stephen Goldsmith, Glen Hanson, Mary Elizabeth Hartnett, Michael Hawkins, Paul Jewell, Xan Johnson, Jindrich Kopecek, John T. Langell, Maritza Lara, William Lowrance, Laura Madsen, Maureen A. Murtaugh, Patrick Panos, M. Pollie Price, Lauryn Roth, David Stevenson, Lina Svedin, Satin Tashnizi, Ming Wen,


Ex-officio: Steve Alder, Carrie Byington, Robert Flores, Paul Mogren, Allyson Mower, Ruth Watkins, Amy Wildermuth, Shawnee Worsley


Excused with Proxy: Robert Hitchcock, Lori Kowaleski-Jones


Excused: William Johnson, Vivian Lee


Others: Jeff Herring, David Kieda


Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Academic Senate meeting on September 8, 2014, received no objections.


Request for New Business

No new business



Consent Calendar

The resignations, retirements, and faculty and administrator appointments dated October 6, 2014, received approval to forward to the Board of Trustees on motion by Joanne Yaffe and seconded by Maria Dobozy. The motion passed unanimously.


Executive Committee Report

Allyson Mower, Academic Senate Past President, provided a summary of the Executive Committee meeting held September 15, 2014.


Report from Administration

President Pershing gave an update to the Senate on campus events. The Regents met at Utah State University in Logan on September 26th. The University of Utah received permission for Red Butte Gardens Water Conservation Garden Project and permission to seek legislative approval for an addition to the College of Mines building and for Orson Spencer Hall. On Wednesday, October 8th the ground breaking for the new University of Utah Clinic in Farmington will be held and the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute groundbreaking will be held on October 10th. The Lassonde Studios will open to students in fall 2016.


Pres. Pershing and V.P. Watkins will be holding discussions with the deans and chairs regarding the legislative session. A discussion will be held with the Senate in December and January.


Report from ASUU

Justin Spangler, ASUU President gave an update on student activities. Redfest 2014 was the largest held to date with 8500 people attending. ASUU now has a tutoring center in the Marriott Library. The tutoring center will be open Sunday thru Thursday, 6-9 pm, and will teach math, writing, psychology, biology, chemistry, and physics. The tutoring center is located on the 2nd floor of the Marriott Library in the Hoopes Seminar Room.


Notice of Intent

No Notice of Intent


Debate Calendar

Dan Bowden presented an Update on Interim Rule 4-004D: Health Sciences Encryption of Protected Health Data. This interim rule was approved by the President in August 2013, as an Interim Rule. It was treated as an “Interim Rule” because the University was compelled to move quickly to implement such a regulation due to federal agencies enforcing federal policies. An explanation regarding the Interim Rule was presented to the Senate in fall 2013, with a plan to develop a permanent regulation to be approved through the normal process in fall 2014. However it has since been discovered that due to changes in the technology, if a permanent regulation was put into place today it would become obsolete within a short time. It has been recommended to extend to spring 2015 the deadline for bringing forward a proposed replacement for approval as a permanent regulation (with the Interim Rule remaining in force in the meanwhile).. The motion to approve extending the deadline to spring 2015 was made by Joanne Yaffe and seconded by Maria Dobozy. Motion passed unanimously.






Information & Recommendations Calendar

The following items were presented for the information and recommendations of the Academic Senate:

  • Employee Health & Wellness Clinic
  • Student Textbook Savings Follow-up report
  • Graduate Council Review of Physics and Astronomy
  • Graduate Council Review of Languages and Literature


The 2014-2015 Investment Committee Meetings report to the Academic Senate will be moved to a later date.



Meeting adjourned at 3:48 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Shawnee Worsley