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University of Utah Academic Senate Resolution in Support of DSU name Change

November 2, 2020


WHEREAS, on 12th July 2020 the DSU Faculty Senate passed a resolution requesting that the name of the institution will be changed and that the word “Dixie” no longer be included (see Appendix); and


WHEREAS, the Utah Council of Faculty Senate Leaders on its meeting 13th October 2020 passed a resolution to “support DSU in its efforts to change its name”; and


WHEREAS, it is proposed that the University of Utah Academic Senate express its support of the efforts of the faculty at Dixie State by passing the following resolution in support of our colleagues at DSU.


NOW, THEREFORE,  BE IT RESOLVED on behalf of the faculty and students of the U of U, the Academic Senate endorses the efforts of the faculty senate of Dixie State University to pursue changing the name of the institution, in accord with the resolution adopted by the Faculty Senate at DSU.


Appendix: DSU Faculty Senate Resolution

The Faculty Senate hereby resolves that the name of our institution be changed and that the word “Dixie” no longer be included in its name.

As the great entrepreneur and educator Roger W. Babson stated, “I more and more see the need both of courage to stand fast and the willingness to change. Even though these two characteristics seem contrary and paradoxical, a successful life demands a proper mixture of them both. One is the lock and the other is the key; either without the other becomes useless.” Just so, we respectfully and gratefully acknowledge the many alumni, faculty, staff, and community who built this institution, often at great sacrifice, and who contributed to its growth and success. We stand fast to their legacy and many wholesome traditions and practices of our past - the lock. We also express our resolve and commitment to make this important change – the key.

Specifically, we hereby call for our new strategic plan, “Stature to Distinction,” to incorporate an institutional commitment to complete the process of renaming our institution within the 2020-21 academic year.

We believe this change will be of great benefit to our students, faculty, staff, athletic programs and community, and help lead us to a distinguished future.