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Campus Health and Safety Committee

Campus Health and Safety Committee

Committee Description

“The Campus Health and Safety Committee is responsible to:

  1. Formulate, review, and/or recommend the adoption of environmental health and safety policies.
  2. Advise Administration through the Vice President for Administrationon the status of these University programs and achievement of goals established on an annual basis.
  3. Provide appropriate staff and faculty expertise for development of tools to assess safety performance and risk management.”


Voting members include five faculty designated by the Personnel and Elections Committee, two staff members nominated by the University of Utah Staff Council to serve three-year terms, and two students nominated by ASUU to serve one-year terms.

Policy Reference

Policy 3-300 III-B-3

Ex Officio Members

Non-voting members include one representative of each of the following organizations, designated by the organization’s management: Facilities administration (Administrative Services), Public Safety, Risk and Insurance Management, Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety, Financial and Business Services, Auxiliary Services, Office of General Counsel, Human Resources, University Scheduling

Current Roster