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Conflict of Interest Committee

Conflict of Interest Committee

Committee Description

Serves as an advisory body to the University administration on conflict of interest issues; upon referral from the designated vice president, reviews and recommends approval, disapproval, or approval with conditions, potential conflicts of interest; distinguishes among unacceptable conflicts of interest, potential and actual conflicts that are acceptable without approval or oversight; reports to the Vice President for Research.


“The Committee shall have 21 voting members, including at least:

  1. Three staff members from the Health Sciences and two staff members from other academic units within the University
  2. Three faculty from the School of Medicine
  3. Two faculty from the College of Science
  4. Two faculty from the College of Engineering
  5. Two faculty from the College of Social and Behavioral Science, the College of Law or the School of Business
  6. One faculty from the College of Architecture and Planning or the College of Fine Arts
  7. One faculty from the College of Pharmacy
  8. The Committee may choose to include other non-voting ‘ad-hoc’ participants to assist in discussions and decisions as needed.”

Current Roster