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University Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee

University Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee

Committee Description

For Retention, Promotion, & Tenure (RPT) cases for Tenure-line faculty members (i.e., tenure-track or tenured, including academic library faculty), per Policy 6-303: UPTAC “provides advice to the [cognizant] senior vice president.” It shall review and make recommendations on (i) RPT decisions “in all cases in which the college is organized and functions as a single academic department (“single-department college”) or there is a differing recommendation from any of the prior review levels–the interdisciplinary academic program, the department RPT advisory committee, the department chairperson, the college RPT advisory committee, or the college dean,” (ii) RPT “cases that are reviewed at the discretionary request of the senior vice president,” and (iii) “all recommendations of tenure accompanying new appointments, regardless of college or of votes by prior levels.”
For Tenured Faculty Review (TFR) cases, per Policy 6-321: After a departmental faculty committee review, “a reviewed faculty member, department chairperson, or dean who disagrees with the findings or recommendations of the review committee may seek a review of the findings and/or recommendations by UPTAC.” In these cases, UPTAC will “determine if: (i) the review committee reasonably applied the criteria, standards and procedures applicable to the case, and (ii) the findings and recommendations are supported by the evidence presented.”
For both RPT and TFR, per Policy 6-304: UPTAC may also assist in identifying needed improvements of relevant University Regulations, and of departmental Statements of RPT standards and procedures, which are ultimately approved by the Senate Faculty Review Standards Committee and cognizant senior vice president (Policies 6-002 & 6-303). UPTAC receives the annual report of the Standards Committee, and, “based on its experience with given departments’ standards, may recommend that the committee review the standards of a department.”


(Per policy 6-304) One tenured faculty member from each academic college, elected for three-year terms by their college’s tenure-line faculty constituencies (deans, the senior vice presidents, and the University president are not eligible for membership); one-third of the faculty terms expire each year. The Senate Personnel & Elections Committee coordinates the elections and the selection of alternates for vacancies.
Four students (including at least one graduate student), selected for one-year terms according to established ASUU procedures.

The Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences (or ordinarily a delegate) serve as non-voting, ex officio co-chairs.

Current Roster