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On March 1, 2021, the Senate received and adopted the recommendations of an Ad Hoc Committee that addressed the scheduling of Senate meetings and University holidays. The Committee was established in 2020 when a regularly scheduled meeting of the Senate fell on Yom Kippur and the issue was raised whether it was appropriate for the Senate to hold a meeting on that day in light of the fact that the University strives to be inclusive and several of the Senate members were practicing members of Judaism. Whether to hold Senate meetings on religious or cultural observance holidays is a complex and challenging issue, replete with considerable legal and policy implications. The Committee's recommendations, which the Senate adopted, essentially result in no change to the current practice. In planning meeting, the Senate leadership will continue to try to be inclusive and maximize participation, but will follow the University calendar, as well as state statutory requirements and USHE Rule 821 in the scheduling of meetings. All Senate members may be absent from any meeting for any reason; provided the Senator makes arrangements for a representative from the Senator's college to attend and act as a proxy. A copy of the full report may be found at under item 6c of the Debate Calendar.