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Student Fee Learning Abroad Scholarship Committee

Student Fee Learning Abroad Scholarship Committee

Committee Description

Note: This committee is inactive because the scholarship is no longer offered.

The Student Fee Scholarship Committee was responsible for administering, monitoring, and implementing scholarships funded by the Learning Abroad Scholarship Student Fee. The Committee also encourages participation in approved international programs by promoting Student Fee funded scholarships across campus.


Three faculty members (may not be affiliated with a learning abroad program); two staff members; up to five students, including at least one representative from the ASUU executive branch, one undergraduate representative, and one graduate representative; and the Director for Learning Abroad, who chairs the committee.

The Office for Global Engagement Student Fee Scholarship Committee is comprised of approximately 11 members. The committee should include the following:
1.) Members with voting privileges (1-3 year, non-renewable appointments):

-2 Staff Members from Academic Affairs and/or Student Affairs
-3 Faculty Members. Appointments are made by the Personnel and Elections Committee of the Academic Senate. Learning Abroad serves students in all University of Utah colleges. To ensure equity over time, a rotation of college representation is preferred.
-The ASUU President or Vice President or their designee
-1 undergraduate student representative
-1 graduate student representative

2.) Permanent Member with voting privileges:

-The Director for Learning Abroad (Chair)

3.) Members without voting privileges:

-Learning Abroad Scholarship Team Members (scholarship administrators). Three ex officio staff members from the Learning Abroad office serve as committee coordinators.

Policy Reference

Office for Global Engagement Student Fee Scholarship Bylaws Part III 11/6/2018