Senate Personnel and Elections Committee

The Senate Personnel and Elections Committee shall make nominations for elections of members of standing committees of the Senate and other Senate committees (except as otherwise provided for a specified committee, including the Senate Advisory Committee on Budget and Planning), and if the Senate is authorized by any University Regulation, or requested by a University administrator, to make nominations or recommendations of members for a committee to be appointed by the University administration, the Personnel and Elections Committee shall prepare the list of nominees.

Governing Document: University Policy 6-002-III-D-1-c: The Academic Senate

Powers and Duties

  • Nominate faculty for elected Senate committees and University committees including Student Course Feedback Oversight Committee
  • Review standing Senate and University committees
  • Appoint alternate faculty members for University Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee

The Academic Senate elects 18 tenure-line or career-line Senators. ASUU selects two students. The Academic Senate President is an ex-offico member.

Meets 2-4 times per year; meetings usually 60 minutes long, however there is a 3 hour meeting in the Spring proceeding Senate elections.

Current Membership

Annual Reports

2019-2020 Report

2018-2019 Report

2017-2018 Report

2016-2017 Report

2015-2016 Report

2014-2015 Report

2012-2013 Report

2009-2010 Report